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Clients truly drive the passion that I have in this beauty business. Their skin care and/or makeup needs are taken very seriously and I always strive for excellent results.  A few loyal clients kindly agreed to let me showcase their feedback here.  


Hi, I am a guy who has been one of Jen's clients for about a year. Ok, I'll admit - at first I had heard she had done professional make up and  skin care for actors in the past, and I wanted to just look the best I could. Having said that, over the past year, I do feel I look better, but I also am healthier, and she has armed me with a knowledge base about skin care that will help me for life.I have  usually gone in for a "Gentleman's Skin Treatment". In a manner that puts you completely at ease, she applies deep cleaning techniques that are actually relaxing, and then prescribes an easy regimen that is to be followed on a daily basis at home.As a side note, I have also noticed her fine attentiveness. After 6 weeks of not seeing her once, I came in, and she had remembered exactly where we had left off,  She really cares about your skin and wants you to be your best. Highly recommended!




​I have never written a review but after seeing JV for 5 sessions over the past year, I feel compelled to let everyone know how great she is.  Most importantly JV really is knowledgeable about what she does and why she recommends certain products.   I feel that I must take care of my skin now or it will be too late!  Thank you JV for helping me achieve my goals.




I have been going to the same hair colorist for over 12 years and hair stylist for almost as long.  After my first facial by Jen, I booked another appointment and added her to my beauty team!  JV takes great pride in her work and making sure you are comfortable with the experience.  She listens and offers great advice.  There is NO hard sell to buy products.  She even recommended a great sunscreen that I could buy at my local running store.  I did try some of her products and needless to say, I went back the following week and purchased them.  My skin has NEVER looked better.  I am looking forward to my next appointment!


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