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Skin Treatments

Personalized options from basic to advanced, for both face and body.

Skin Care Services

​Skin Treatment 90


90 minutes

A lengthy solution to treat your skin’s desires. Ideal to power up the service with advanced techniques or have more time for relaxation therapies. It includes everything in the 60-minute service, but in addition to the basics it targets:

  • smoothing lines and uneven texture

  • brightening dark spots

  • clearing breakouts

  • calming redness

​​Skin Treatment 60


60 minutes


A typical solution to treat your skin’s basic needs in six steps. Ideal as your first appointment, when you’ll learn your skin type and how to address your skin concerns. In addition to deep cleansing, exfoliation, and professional products it also includes:

  • extractions

  • touch therapy (face massage)​

Additional Options (Add-ons)


15 minutes


Boost your treatment or provide a more relaxing option with time for advanced touch therapies. Examples include: 

  • Microcurrent 

  • Microdermabrasion

  • LED

  • Eye Treatment

  • Touch Therapy - acupressure, scalp & neck, firm & fit, stress relief, hand and & arm

  • Skin Fitness Plan

Age-Defying Microcurrent


60 minutes

A low-level, electrical current which mirrors your body’s own natural current. It’s non-invasive, safe, and manufactured to provide safe, long-term results. This option is ideal if you want to:

  • diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • improve the texture and appearance

  • reduce the overall visual appearance of aging on your skin


Note: does include extractions or touch therapy. After a quick cleanse and exfoliation, the entire service is on the application of microcurrent.  

*For best results, consider a series of 10 or more for savings. You'll receive more details in your appointment. 

Back, Arm & Hand Treatment


45 minutes

A deep cleansing and relaxing treatment designed for the back, arms and hands. Whether you struggle with breakouts, want to brighten tattoos or simply need to soothe your skin, this service provides specific relief to ensure optimal health of your skin in neglected areas.

Skin Consultation


15 minutes


An in-person discussion at the "skin bar" to discuss your skin and receive a professional recommendation. Your skin is analyzed, and the session guides you on next steps to support your goals. 

Makeup Services

A variety of expert options - from natural to glamorous, for everyday or a special event.


$75 & Up

A full makeup application, ranging in time or specific needs.

Note: Please inquire further for bridal makeup which requires a trial. 


$150 & Up

Detailed instruction on makeup application teaches you how to apply makeup. A great option to learn basics, make changes, or prepare for a specific event. 

Waxing Services

Tailor-made shaping for brows and quick removal of lip / chin hair.

IMPORTANT: Review the list of cautions you must take before booking. Click here.

Brow Shaping / Grooming


Science and art join forces to create the best brow shape for your features and contours. The analysis and techniques used maximize comfort, style, and maintenance and is extremely sanitary. The wax is formulated for all skin types, especially sensitive. Shaping includes time for artistry - to accentuate or fill brows for a flattering look.

Lip / Chin

$15 & Up

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