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Mask Weekly To Nourish Your Skin

Ah the joys of wearing a mask all day. And not the healing, skin care-focused, weekly treat kind. I'm talking about the nose-and-mouth-covering, hard-to-breathe-and-feel-normal, often-uncomfortable kind. Annoying but incredibly important at this time so please keep wearing!

If you are fortunate enough to wear it minimally you might not be dealing with breakouts. I feel for those who have to wear it all day - as I've recently discovered. "Maskne" is acne / breakouts in areas where your mask sits due to:

  • friction

  • bacteria

  • sweat

  • occlusion

  • makeup

  • detergents

  • dirt

It's often in the form of small bumps and seems insignificant. But it can turn into deep breakouts if you don't manage them better. Please:

Wearing a mask in public has no current end date so keep up the good work. But what about the nourishing kind for treating your skin?

Reasons to Mask

I'm always surprised when clients tell me they are not actively masking. You deprive your skin of a great ritual, dating back to ancient times. Think clay, mud, stone, milk, and soot! Natural but not always a healthy choice. But the idea was phenomenal. A way to boost your skin's appearance! Without a mask, your skin may lack the nourishment or glow it deserves.

Professional skin care masks are created in specific formulations and I help select the best one for your skin care type and concern. Whether it's hydrating, deep cleansing, nourishing, or clearing the ingredients are formulated to give your skin the boost it needs. I personally "multi-mask" with several options, especially if my skin is dealing with multiple issues at once.

If you want to see a change in how your skin feels or looks a mask is a great way to treat it. You can't trick your skin into a better change unless you treat it with good and active ingredients. It's good to be on a routine with masking.

A Weekly Ritual

Mask weekly at a minimum and ideally when you can relax for awhile. Yes, weekly. It's a great ritual to adopt. Think of it as time spent good for your soul. You can use while soaking in a warm bath, reading a book, listening to music or a podcast, or enjoying a glass of wine or herbal tea.

Typically, a professional skin care mask works in 7 - 10 minutes and best after a thorough cleanse and exfoliation. (Only 10 minutes!😀)

These days, time may be an issue. So many of my clients say their recent days are extremely exhausting, frightening, and limiting. It's been a tough time to care for themselves as well as for loved ones. At the end of the day, it's easy to put off your regular skin care routine, let alone create a new habit.

Do you:

  • also experience tiring days?

  • want healthier, glowing skin?

Are you:

  • time-pressed?

  • able to care for your skin at home?

If you answered yes to the above questions, I'd love to help with a virtual consultation to help you find your fit. But I also have an exciting new solution at the studio!

Hydration + Exfoliation in 5 Minutes

A nourishing mask and exfoliant in one product, with gentle bamboo spheres. It's a new dermalogica masque + exfoliant in one. Saves time, removes dead skin cells, and improves your skin's hydration by 450x!

Here's a little showcase of incredible ingredients...

...and a 10-second video on how it works!

Find Out Which Option is Best for You

The fun part is learning which option best helps you achieve your best skin. Fall is a great time to assess what you should be using as seasons and climates change. I have a professional-only option (see image below) I'm excited to use for my clients. So having a professional home care is ideal in between services.

Professional-only, dermalogica masque with Japanese matcha tea and a blend of hydroxy acids purify and clear breakouts.
Professional-only Masque

If you have 15-minutes, book a virtual consultation and we can chat about options for you. If you want to buy it, send a note and I'll happily ship. Either way I'd love to help you with your top concerns.


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