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COVID-19: A Critical Time of Safety

I imagine you are well-informed about the precautionary measures the world is taking to fight the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus. Simply put, coronavirus is influenza and we are all at risk for infection. It is a dire situation for us all and I hope you are staying safe and healthy by following the correct advice. 

Please wear a mask when necessary.

Do you know how you are protected in professional skin care settings? I personally work to ensure safety every day and have high standards for a clean environment. This pandemic is not the only reason to ensure a professional space is clean and virus-free.

Safety is the key to ensure you are not infected and to control cross-contamination of tools. My clients are aware of how they are safe in my studio. Are you? Read this and be prepared for a future visit. Reach out if you have any questions.


Your Safety in My Practice

All U.S. state-licensed practitioners are required to adhere to sanitation and disinfection standards. Skin, hair, nail, and medical practitioners must always wash hands thoroughly with cleanser before the service begins, and throughout with sanitizer if hands touch other objects. This ensures you are safe from dirt, bacteria, and cross-contamination from other clients or public areas.

You are safe in my practice because I:

  1. Wash my hands thoroughly and frequently before I touch your skin, after I touch your headband / hair or other objects, and when your treatment concludes.

  2. Re-sanitize my hands if I need to get additional supplies or touch other objects for your service.

  3. Disinfect all products, machines, tools, and storage after services using medical-grade solutions to ensure they are ready for use on the next client, as well as all doors, handles, and surfaces in the studio and lobby.

  4. Use new waxing sticks for every application - and NEVER reused by double-dipping.

  5. Wear new gloves for waxing, extractions, deeper chemical peels, and anytime I have a cut or open wound on my hands.

I have and will always adhere to these guidelines as required by my state license. Again, safety first. In anticipation of opening in the future, I achieved an additional #dermalogicaPRO certification last week and it includes a #cleantouchcertified pledge to follow all new, COVID-19 guidelines of sanitation and disinfection.

Your Health Elsewhere

Insist that anyone who touches your skin, hair, nails, etc. wash their hands and never feel bad about asking them to do it in front of you. I have a client story to share, with his permission:

"You aren't going to believe what happened to me! I was at my orthodontist today and waited for my new retainers. The assistant walked up to me while carrying them and wasn't wearing any gloves. She handed them to me and expected me to put them in my mouth without even asking if I needed to clean my hands. I had touched the door to enter the building, checked in at the desk, handled my phone while waiting and likely touched the chair handles as I sat down. I was shocked and felt frustrated with the virus situation. How is this possible?"

I was so frustrated for him. It is NEVER okay to be unsanitary, let alone allow clients to touch their own mouths without ensuring cleanliness. Your health depends on us coaching you and offering the right solution in our care. I cannot say it enough - insist you are receiving proper health standards in any situation. Wash your hands upon arriving to any medical or personal care appointments - something I will be requiring from you as well. We are #inthistogether.


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