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You Should Consider Professional Skincare Treatments

Professional skin treatments are often viewed as a luxury and enjoyed in the tranquil quiet of a spa. Or, if medical issues arise appointments may take place in the clinical office of a dermatologist. Both serve a purpose, time, and place for instant gratification. However, I believe the best setting for long-term, healthy skin is in the ongoing care of a professional skin therapist. Skincare is not always meant to be only a luxury but a valuable way to invest in your skin health for life.

Before I explain further, take a moment to consider if you:

1. Know your skin type?

2. Understand how to prevent damage to your skin?

3. Receive skincare treatments to clear and smooth your skin?

4. Use professional skincare products that achieve results?

What you use at home matters – not just what is used in the treatment. The essentials that matter for your skin type are cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. All other products are specific for the goals or top concerns that you have for your skin. Often, clients will tell me they wished they knew how to take care of their skin from the beginning or long before they began buying products to address issues. Some clients have used several skincare lines due to the latest trends or because it smelled fantastic. But most clients complain that they had no idea what type of skin they had or if they chose the right products because they don’t seem to work as promised. A professional skin therapist helps guide you on the right path to ensure your products are both meant for you and help achieve results.

Professional treatments are often a secondary option to products. In this new era of constant technology, we don’t often take the time to care for ourselves with the help of “wellness therapists” like myself. I personally only had a couple of “facial” treatments before getting my license. I was someone who poured over beauty magazines (note: actual, paper magazines) in my early adulthood and bought the latest, greatest product boasting to help me with my skincare issues. Very little ever worked so I was often in the hands of dermatologists – and found myself with prescriptions and without any real understanding about the issues plaguing me. I tried everything – except really investing well when I should have. I was often lost on proper home care and learning hard lessons. I also didn’t want to take prescribed medications long-term. I wish I would have known about the benefits…

Now think about the four questions I asked you above. If you answered no to any, then you should consider professional treatments. Answers to these questions can be addressed by seeing a licensed, highly educated professional. You likely have a desire to see changes in your skin or prevent future damage, right? It is a great time to book an appointment and invest in yourself.

Buy products because they smell good, are organic, or are inexpensive? You are not alone. The market is flooded with so many options, sometimes we take the road more traveled and keep our hard-earned money for other things on trend. However, skincare is not trendy. It is an investment; especially for the essentials. Skincare is not where you need to spend less to gain more but it is also not meant to break the bank.

Regardless of different preferences for products or technique (and the state’s regulations, of course), a skincare professional must safely address your concerns within our licensed scope of practice. It is our job to educate you on why a product is important and the type of products you need to maintain healthy skin. If you happen to purchase products online, through a drugstore, or through a brand consultant you might not receive the level of care necessary to meet your long-term goals. If you take the natural route, know the ingredients (there should be only a few), where it is sourced, and how it’s manufactured.

Skincare is not a luxury. It is:

  • an investment

  • a commitment

  • health

Professional equipment enhances any service
LED Therapy to boost product

Do You Know?

  • In the USA, each state regulates the scope of practice for skincare because it’s your body’s largest organ

  • If you see a licensed esthetician for any skincare services, our license must be current

  • In CA, only estheticians working in a medical clinic and under the supervision of a doctor can perform laser or electrolysis

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