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A Beauty Manifesto

The world of esthetics is a complex one. With its roots in “beauty”, the term has grown to include skincare, waxing, makeup, etc. It is an ever-changing world of ingredients, trends, procedures and limitations by state that control how an esthetician can practice. Estheticians are limited to working on the top layer of your skin – which means that the layer of your skin that contains your body’s blood supply cannot be touched in any form unless in a medical setting under a doctor’s supervision.

How an esthetician practices matters. Ideally, we are trained to strictly follow all safe and sanitary practices that are allowed within state guidelines. Sanitary (i.e., clean) environments and tools help us ensure we do not spread bacteria from one person to the next. In any service, all tools and product are to be clean and safely used or disposed. An important factor in this is in waxing – sticks are NEVER to be reused once applied to the skin. Please choose wisely when you invest in skincare services!

When I decided to change my life and begin a career in this field I was armed with one, unique passion: to be a Skincare and Beauty Coach”. I want everyone who experiences my practice to be armed with knowledge and feel beautiful in their skin. As I maintain my own skin issues (breakouts, pigmentation, dehydration), I have even more incentive to help others with skin heath and optimal care. Healthy skin? What does that even mean? I’ll explain more in a future post, but for now please understand two things about my practice:

  1. I will always learn and study ingredients, products, skin sensitivities/reactions, lifestyles, etc. to coach on how the skin is impacted. Being licensed does not mean that education stops - continuing education is key to ensure that I have the latest information at hand and ensures that I practice safely and always with health in mind. I provide this in every service.

  2. I will always create a customized service to ensure that an individual’s beauty needs are met. Everyone has unique features that should be enhanced to showcase beauty. Whether it is makeup for a natural, everyday look or for a glamourous night/event, or correctly shaped brows, you will receive a top-notch look that will make you feel gorgeous and confident.

Thank you for reading this post. Know that you are in expert hands here.

Do You Know?

Skin is the body's largest organ - a dynamic, living one that is in constant mode to protect us. It is critical that what you put on the outside is healthy for long-term care. It is also critical to have healthy nutritional intake. Your skin is a showcase of what is happening inside of your body – good and bad.

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