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About Me

I'm so glad you are here.

I'm the CEO and licensed skin therapist. In 2013, I changed my career to create and educate. I'm passionate about my work and am here to help you achieve your skin and beauty goals. Some fun facts about me:

  • I'm a long-distance runner and learned the hard way how to keep my skin safe from sun damage

  • I've been a makeup artist for decades even in my former career as a management consultant

  • I'm a brow enthusiast because I borrowed my mom’s tweezers at 17 and made a mess of mine

Think of me as your trainer in all things skin and beauty. Check out my sweet studio below and BOOK today.


Tucked away in a private, clean space is the skin care and beauty boutique.  

Services are by appointment only in order to create an exclusive experience focused only on YOU.

Specialized services and products are offered to support your skin care and beauty desires and routines. Products include: 

  • Dermalogica

  • Vapour Organic Beauty

  • Chella

Located in San Francisco's Noe Valley neighborhood, at 24th St. & Diamond.

JV Skin & Beauty Boutique
About Studio
JV Skin & Beauty Brow Shaping
JV Skin & Beauty Dermalogica Expert

"Creativity takes courage"

- Henri Matisse

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